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Safety Tip for Managing Maine Land

If you own timberland in Maine you are probably aware that the heavy wet snows of late 2014 have been tough on young trees in the forest. During a recent trip to our woodlot we found our access road clogged with dozens of bent over birch, maple and other trees weighted down with snow and ice. Trees in this condition are referred to by loggers as "spring poles". If you are a new land owner not familiar with how to remove these trees please be careful. They may be small and look harmless but there is a lot of energy stored in that bow in the tree.

If you have no chainsaw experience it would be well advised that you hire a professional to clear spring poles from your roads and trails. Professional loggers will avoid these trees unless they need to be removed from access roads or present a danger near other trees they intend to harvest.

Should you need to remove a spring pole yourself here is a video showing a safer way to do so.

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  1. Raymond Saumure on

    Thanks for posting this Phil!