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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

My wife and I just purchased a property listed by Rick. Rick was great to work with. He was involved in the entire process. He informed us of everything that was talking place, things that the seller was doing and what we needed to do to make it happen. We ran into some minor glitches and Rick was right there to help with the hurtles. We found him to be forthright, diligent and willing to pitch in to make it happen. The brochure he put together for the seller was excellent, allowed us to learn much about the property prior to viewing. We have bought and sold several properties over the years so we know superior performance when we see it.

I am very pleased with the work that Phil and Carmen McPhail of McPhail Realty did dealing with selling my property in Dover Foxcroft Maine.  It was an extremely hard sell. Other realtors had tried and failed to sell it. I would definitely highly recommend!

Peter McPhail from Lifestyle Properties of Maine was instrumental in helping us find a house in Bangor. We are delighted with our new home and truly enjoyed working with Peter. We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home. He is highly professional, his knowledge about the local housing market is unsurpassed, and he is just an all-around nice guy We moved to Bangor from the deep south, and were completely unfamiliar with the idiosyncrasies that come with living in Maine. I can’t express enough how grateful we were to have Peter working with us. He wasn’t just looking to make a sale, he really wanted to help us find a home. Peter took the time to explain the different building styles, educating us on typical Maine housing do’s and don’ts, and patiently answered all of our questions, consulting with contractors if need be. Peter always stayed on top of everything, thinking of things and addressing them before they even appeared on our radar, and was often one step ahead of us as well as the selling realtor. When moving to a new town, there’s nothing as nice as knowing someone is on your side, and Peter definitely stepped into that role. If we were to move again (although we honestly hope that will be a long time coming), we will most definitely work with Peter again.

We were blessed meet Peter McPhail and the team from United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine as we searched for quiet professionals to sell our family home. From the start, Peter’s his extensive market knowledge and deft touch inspired confidence as we navigated the real estate arena. Always well-prepared and passionate about his client’s needs, he demystified the process and patiently guided us in formulating a strategic plan tailored to our situation, resulting in “made to order” home sales experience.

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Peter McPhail and the United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine team of experts for to those looking for results in the Maine reality market.

Very Respectfully

Five stars for Rick Theriault. From the first contact to the conclusion of the closing Rick was patient and courteous. He gently educated me about the market for my property and kept me informed of developments at all times. It was a pleasure working with him. And oh yeah, by the way -- he got my property sold, and far sooner than I was expecting.

Rick Theriault and I worked for more than six months to find the best property based on my desires – acreage for hunting , a year round cabin and waterfront or access to it.

We had one early on but it was a seven of ten.  Rick helped coordinate the bid and negotiations but it wasn’t meant to happen and I wasn’t disappointed.  Rick explored opportunities in a wider arc and did not fail to suggest things to look at.  IN July a new listing came up on Lake Chesuncook that was promising although a six hour drive from my house.  Rick checked it out and I agreed to visit.  It was priced higher than we felt it was worth, but as I’ve heard from your office, “nothing happens without an offer”.  We went back and forth and settled on a deal including contents about 20% less than listed price.  Rick was instrumental in working through the intricacies and personalities of the parties involved.  Particularly helpful researching access past Caribou check point and restrictions related to the North Woods.  Given the driving distance he visited the site to make sure things were as promised.

Rick is great for the person looking for the hunter’s paradise or off the grid location.  He is a solar and wind energy expert, former bear and moose guide as well.

Working with Doug Reed was a pleasure. As out of state clients, he worked really hard to make each of our trips to Maine worthwhile. He took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for. After sacrificing a few long Saturdays, he found us the right property. He was knowledgeable and very helpful through the purchase process.

We will be forever grateful for his help.   He found us our dream property and he will help you find yours.

Debbie Holmes blends professionalism and integrity with small town friendliness. She takes the time to listen and understand what the buyer/seller is looking for, then tries her best to realize their dreams.  She will spend whatever time it takes traipsing through woods/raw land in good or bad weather, and does it with humor and a smile. Debbie has a wealth of contacts that might be needed after the sale - i.e. permits, contractors, needed services, etc. Debbie is very proficient at combining business and fun, it was such a pleasure to work with her!!!  I would HIGHLY recommend Debbie Holmes of United Country Real Estate/Lifestyle Properties of Maine to anyone interested in buying or selling property in Lubec, Maine.

I give her Five + stars in all categories:
> Local knowledge   *****+
> Process expertise   *****+
> Responsiveness   *****+
> Negotiation skills   *****+


In early May, we contacted United Country-Lifestyle Properties of Maine, with the intention of putting our camp in southern Aroostook County on the market.  We made the call to the agency on a Saturday morning, and Rick met us at our camp that very afternoon.  From this first meeting until the day we signed the papers to formally sell the camp Rick was with us every step of the way.  He was diligent about answering our questions, kept us appraised with regards to prospective buyers, and assisted us in the process of being realistic about the real estate market.

In a nutshell, Rick was a professional in all aspects of the sale.  He followed up with prospective buyers, discussing with their realtors the concerns and compliments that accompanied each showing and apprised us at each juncture.  He listened to what people were looking for in a property and when appropriate gave them insight into the reasons why our camp could and would best meet their needs.

Rick is a Maine Guide and lifelong resident of the northern Penobscot/southern Aroostook area.  With his working knowledge of the woods, lakes and streams of northern Maine, Rick is a natural for matching prospective buyers with properties that will meet their dreams for living with nature in the great State of Maine.

Rick was a positive influence in the sale of our camp.  He was a cheerleader with regard to our property, a savvy analyst with regard to the appraisal procedure and a competent closer when the right buyer came to the front.

In honesty, we have had nothing but positive experiences with Rick and would highly recommend him as a sales agent one can trust when making the decision to place your property on the market.  As a sales agent, Rick Theriault is a man of honesty and integrity.

We had a tremendous experience with Lifestyle Properties of Maine.  Rick Theriault really bent over backwards for us, and we had a great time driving all over creation with him.  If you are looking for a property in a remote location (or wherever), he's your man.  We now consider him a good friend.

Good luck camp hunting,

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