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Why The Land Brothers?

Most residential real estate agents simply do not have the skills, specialized equipment, land technology and target marketing techniques to successfully sell land and other lifestyle properties that are found in Maine.

With more than 50 years of land sales and continuing education, The Land Brothers Team has accumulated a large pool of knowledge about various types of properties. Currently, these are the areas of expertise and property types the Land Brothers specialize in:

• Waterfront properties

• Large and Small Timberland Properties

• Farms

• Recreational Land for Hunting, Fishing, ATV, Snowmobiling and other pursuits

• Off- Grid Sites

• Owner -Financed Properties

• 1031 Exchanges

• Residential Property with a significant land component

• Unique Lifestyle Properties

The Land Brothers team can help manage your land investment by assisting land owners with forest management, land planning, permitting, wildlife habitat enhancement, GIS mapping and physical improvements to increase the use, enjoyment and future value of the land.

When you decide to sell, the Land Brothers will assess your property to determine its highest value, identify the most probable buyers and prepare a marketing plan for your property to reach that market and achieve a successful sale. They use local and international marketing efforts to provide unmatched qualified buyer leads for your land. Once potential buyers are identified they leverage their skills in navigation, mapping software, soil knowledge, negotiating experience and more to promote your land in its best light.

If you are new to investing in land, consider employing one of our team members as a buyer agent to help you in identifying properties, assessing values, and negotiating a successful purchase.