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Blog :: 04-2015

Buy A Maine Island And Relax

Have you dreamed of having the privacy that a northern lake could offer?  Consider the opportunity to purchase an entire Maine island for sale. Pitch a tent, build a yurt or construct a cabin. This is a rare opportunity on a great body of water.

Where: Marion Township

  • County - Washington
  • Lat/Long 44.796145, -67.375532



Canoe Landing on 3.8 acre island


Lake Description: Gardner Lake  

  • Size - 3886 acres plus connected to 1,650 acre Second Lake
  • Max Depth - 56 Feet
  • Fish - Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, White Perch, Chain Pickerel, Smelt
  • Boat Launch - Paved ramp with a well marked and designed facility, plenty of parking


Island 2

Rugged Shores of Gardner Lake


The Island - Unnamed Island

  • Size - 3.8 +/- Acres
  • Building Site - Elevated site with panoramic views
  • Trees - spruce, pine and maple



3.8 +- acres Island - You can own it all!



  • University Maine Machias
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Maine Public Reserve Lands



Possible building or tent site


Price and Terms - $70,000 cash


Maine Wildlife Park

cougar moose


                                'A great place to see that moose or mountain lion'                         


                                     MAINE WILDLIFE PARK



For immediate release







The Maine Wildlife Park, located on Route 26 in Gray, will open for the 2015 season on Friday, April 17th at 9:30am - just in time for school vacation the following week! Even though visitors will not need their snowshoes, there will be a few remaining snow banks as the park grounds are still melting! 

The brand new Canada lynx exhibit is sure to be a favorite with visitors this year. Our 2 lynx kittens have grown substantially over the winter, and use their climbing logs, trees, boulders and exhibit space to the fullest extent. A formal dedication of the exhibit, funded in large part by the Friends of the Maine Wildlife Park, will take place at 11:00am Friday, May 1. 

The most popular animals in the park have to be the moose. The park currently has 4 moose in residence, our oldest bull is going on 11 years of age, a younger bull is 2 this year and just dropped his antlers; the 2 cows are ages 6 and a yearling.  

Our audio tour has been enhanced as a dynamic park touring tool with the launch of a new mobile web app! Using their smart phones and mobile devices, visitors will now have more information available than ever before about Maine's native wildlife. Visitors can access the tour by scanning QR codes in the park, or through the park's website, to find out so much more about our many wildlife species! This tool is also a great resource to learn more about the park and its wildlife from the classroom or from home.

A variety of new weekend events are planned for the summer, beginning Saturday, May 2nd with the 'Wild Cats of Maine'. The following week, build a birdhouse to take home, and further on through the season you can enjoy a winter ecology program, practice archery, learn about and see live snakes and turtles, meet Donn Fendler from 'Lost on a Mountain in Maine'; or Bob Crowley from the popular TV show 'Survivor'. The Center for Wildlife, Atlantic Salmon and Honeybees will also be featured as weekend events. Favorites like the Open House/Farmers Market, Pow Wow, Chainsaw Artists, Northwoods Law Day, Rick Charette and Halloweenfest will all be back as well. Plan to purchase your Family Season Pass now so you don't miss any of the fun; and be sure to pick up an Event Calendar! Keep up with current photos, stories and events on Facebook too. 

Many families cannot wait to visit their favorite animals after the long winter, but close to 20,000 followers have 'kept in touch' with our wildlife via Facebook over the winter, 'liking' and commenting on photos posted of our wildlife as they adapted to winter snow and cold. But everyone's ready to see the moose, bears, lynx, cougar, eagles, owls, foxes and more again in person!

General Information

The Maine Wildlife Park is owned and operated by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. The park exists to promote an understanding and awareness of the wildlife, conservation and habitat protection programs and projects of MDIFW.

The Maine Wildlife Park has over 30 species of native wildlife on display, plus wildlife gardens, nature trails, a fish hatchery and other interactive exhibits and displays. The park is open daily from April 17th through November 11th from 9:30am-4:30pm; visitors must leave the premises by 6:00pm.

Admission to the park is free for ages 3 and under; $5.50 ages 4-12; $7.50 for adults, and $5.50 for seniors. Groups of 15 or more are $3.50 per person. Bring a picnic and spend the day! Family and Community Season Passes are available, and are an incredible bargain for families and groups that visit the park several times over the course of the summer.

Remember that Family Passes make a great gift; and are available for purchase in the Department of Fish & Wildlife's Online store @

For more information about any of these programs, please call the Maine Wildlife Park at

207-657-4977; or visit us online at , or on Facebook! 

GEMS OF ROUTE 26:  Rich in culture, ecology and history, the Maine Wildlife Park, Shaker Village, Poland Spring Inn and Resort, Poland Spring Preservation Society, Poland Spring Preservation Park, and the grounds of McLaughlin Garden truly are "The Gems of 26."

Visitors are encouraged to go and experience the park, as well as five other unique sites -- all less than an hour from each other on the picturesque Route 26 in Western Maine. Route 26 connects Western Maine to the rest of the State via Maine Turnpike's exit 63 in Gray; meandering through gorgeous countryside and boasting culturally, historically, and ecologically significant attractions. Just thirty minutes north of Portland, a family can spend a day or several days visiting all five important and interesting destinations for very little money - a true value.


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Cold Stream Pond - Central Maine's Premiere Cold Water Lake


Cold Stream Pond View

Cold Stream Pond View from Webb Cove


Overview - Cold Stream Pond is one of the finest lakes in central Maine. It is very scenic with views of Mount Katahdin to the north and the "Bluff", a large elevated peninsula that separates the southern and northern basins of the lake. This large lake which is partly located in the towns of Enfield, Lincoln and Lowell, is probably best known for its incredible water quality and clarity. The water quality is so good that the state of Maine established a fish hatchery in Enfield using the lakes water via a pipeline.

The lake is supplied water by springs and also fed by the outlet of the two Upper Cold Stream Ponds located in Lincoln. This outlet is Smelt Brook and enters Cold Stream Pond in the northern basin. A few other cold brooks enter the lake including Miles Brook and the outlet of nearby Trout Pond in Lowell.

Size, Depths and Boating - The surface area of the lake is more than 3,600 acres. The upper basin is approximately 704 acres and max depth of 56 feet. The state lake survey says that the upper basin has good water quality but can suffer from lower dissolved oxygen levels in the later part of summer. This is a quiet place to explore large rocky coves with a kayak and is usually the first area of safe for ice fishing in the winter. The lower basin contains about 2,924 acres with water depths up to 104 feet. This is a deep round basin perfect for boating, water skiing and sailing.



Depth Map of Cold Stream Pond



Fishing - Lake Trout are native to CSP and naturally reproduce in the spawning beds within Webb Cove and other locations. No stocking is necessary to maintain this fishery. The lake is known to occasionally produce a trophy lake trout in excess of 20 pounds. Landlocked salmon and brook trout are maintained by a stocking program. One fish not mentioned on the online survey of the lake by Maine DIFW is the cusk. If you have never eaten this fish you are missing a real treat. The odd looking fish in the Cod family is somewhat difficult to clean unless you know how. Google search some videos on how it is done. I recommend the technique of skinning then filleting. Fishing regulations for Cold Stream Pond include no taking of smelts in the lake or tributaries, no size or bag limit on bass and daily bag limit on salmon is one fish. For all regulations click on this link to Maine 2015 open water and ice fishing regulations. CLICK HERE FOR MAINE FISHING REGULATIONS


Maine Lake Trout

Ice fishing for Maine Lake Trout or "Togue"



Boat Landing and Beach Location - Cold Stream Pond has one improved boat landing located at the south west corner of the lake at its outlet. There is a concrete ramp and parking area located at the end of Old Hatchery Road near the center of Enfield. The ramp is located in the outlet and is sheltered from wind and weather. Large boats can be launched at this landing but use caution when exiting the channel of the stream as there are a few large rocks.

There is a public beach located on the western shore known as Morgans Beach. It is a beautiful sand beach and an excellent place for swimming and a family picnic. Traveling north on the Lincoln Road from Enfield village look for the signs for the beach on the right.

Real Estate Types & Values - Property types around Cold Stream Pond include small seasonal cottages and cabins which are mostly on the west shore of the lake. This was the area first developed nearly 100 years ago. Some of these properties have since been converted to year round homes. Finding land for building is rare on this side of the lake. Cottages will range in value from $125,000 to $250,000 depending on lot size, building and lake front quality among other variables. Year round converted properties will sell from $200,000 - $300,000 on average.

The eastern side of the pond was not developed until the late 1980's. Lots on this side of the lake are much larger because of changes in zoning regulations and required setbacks that went from 75 to 100 feet in residential zones and 250 foot lake setbacks in the resource protected areas of Enfield and Lowell. Most of the properties found on this side of the lake are much newer and larger than the west side. Most are year round residences. Property values on this side of the lake currently range from $250,000 to over $400,000.

Getting Here - From I-95 you take exit 217 and head east on Route 155 about 6 miles to the boat landing on Old Hatchery Road. The landing is located 39 miles from Bangor, Maine and 272 miles from Boston, Ma.

If you are looking for a perfect central Maine waterfront property see our listings linked CLICK HERE FOR MAINE WATERFRONT PROPERTIES.

Update on Waters of the United States

The senate recently passed an amendment to limit the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers play to bring additional waters into their jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act. This was hotly contested last year by concerned parties from home owners to industry as overreaching the intention of the Clean Water Act.

The provision was introduced by Senator John Barrasso of  Wyoming and co-sponsored by Roy Blunt of Mo.

For more information about the amendment see Senator Blunt's site linked HERE


Realtor Land Institute Conference 2015

This past week Peter McPhail and I attended the Realtor Land Institute National Business Conference in Tucson Arizona. We were among a contingent of United Country Real Estate ALC's and RLI members from Maine to California to attend the conference. The 3 day event featured national expert speakers on the economy, instructors on new real estate training and technologies plus networking opportunities with over 200 of the best land brokers in the country.


economist at RLI

Dr. Mark Dotzour Speaking at 2015 RLI Conference


The conference opened with Lawrence Yun, The NAR's chief economist, KC Conway Senior VP of Sun Trust Bank and Dr. Mark Dotzour of Texas A&M. The three gave the group their predictions on what we should expect from the economy in 2015. Here are some of their predictions; o The U.S. GDP will underperform again this year staying below the historic norm of 3% growth, while Europe will remain around ZERO. o Interest rates will remain low but will increase slightly midyear. o Farmland prices are expected to fall with lower commodity prices o Foreign investment in US dollar assets will increase o Supply chain will switch from West Coast to the East Coasts more modern and efficient ports o Oil prices should remain low throughout this year, but gas predicted to hit $3 per gallon because of a lack of refining capacity to keep up with demand o None of the three are concerned with inflation with one predicting deflation for 2015 All three economists feel that the recovery is being slowed by the 2010 Dodd/Frank legislation that came in the wake of the banking meltdown of 2008. All agree that the legislation should be loosened to exempt smaller local banks from much of the restrictions intended to keep TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKS in check. Small banks simply can't afford the legal army needed to wade through this complex law. They have become more selective than they want to be in making loans because of fear of the new laws. These banks were not at the core of the financial crisis and most are doing well. Ask your state senators to get behind reforms to Dodd/ Frank which will encourage lending to home builders and new home buyers.