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Phil McPhail

What you need to know before buying or building a Maine off grid cabin

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            The dream of a remote cabin deep in the Maine woods is appealing to many. Before you jump in and make that purchase here are a few things you should know.

  • Seasonal or year-round – Before you make a buying decision define your goals or uses for the property. Is this going to be a recreational cabin location for weekends and
  • [...]

Tap to Table | Episode 2

The sap has been gathered and its time to boil some syrup!

Pro Tips: 
* Don't boil syrup start to finish in your home you will turn it into a sauna!
* Filter your sap- no one wants bark on their pancakes!
* Temperature matters- an end temp of about 220 degrees is ideal. 
* Remember the 40-1 ratio: 40 quarts of sap = about 1 quart of syrup
* Always keep some ice cream on hand (This one might be the most [...]

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