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About Nate

Nathan Wadsworth is a native Mainer and has significant ties to timberland and the forest products industry in Maine. In 2004, after college he moved back to Maine to manage 5,500 acres of timberland. Over the next decade he oversaw the dispersal of the land including managing two sales of over 1,000 acres each. Recently, he negotiated the purchase of a 500 acre quarry and timberland purchase in Western Maine.

Nathan is currently representing Southern Oxford County in the Maine Legislature and serves on the Appropriations Committee and the Ethics Committee. He was responsible for negotiating the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Budget and the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Budget for the current two year state budget.

Nathan graduated from Montana State University- Bozeman in 2003 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics with a minor in Agricultural Business. He and his family currently reside in Hiram, Maine.

Nates motto is “Nate Sells Real Estate!” If you need help selling a property in Southern and Western Maine give him a call.