Beginners Guide to using Google Earth

Google Earth is one of the most fun and potentially useful technology tools we have today, and it's free! It is a great way to see the State of Maine from above. It is amazing how this change of perspective helps you better understand a state, county, town and for that matter, a piece of real estate. We use Google Earth every day in our real estate business to virtually show the land we have for sale in Maine. If you have never seen the program it is easy to use and takes just a couple of minutes to set up. First you will need to install the program. Follow this link to the Google Earth free download.

On this page you should take notice that there are two boxes which are selected near the top of the page. If you do not want to change your browser to Google Chrome you should unselect both of these boxes.

You are asked to review the terms of service and privacy policy. Once completed, click on Agree and Download. Complete the download process and launch the program.


Screen Shot of Google Earth Startup

Screen Shot of Google Earth Startup


You are now ready to explore the entire world from a birdseye view. Now take some time to explore the world. To quickly navigate the globe, hold down on your left mouse button and by moving your mouse you can spin the earth to show the locations you want. Double clicking a spot on the globe will zoom in. Keep double clicking on the spot until you are at the resolution you want.


Navigation Tools

Navigation Tools


Next play around with the upper right navigation tools. The top icon helps you to look around. It can change the angle of perspective and the north south orientation. The next icon will allow you to move around the earth horizontally north, east, south and west. The next icon shaped like a person can be dragged to the streets on the earth and you will get a 360 degree street view if available. The streets where this will work will be highlighted in blue as you drag the icon. The bottom icon + - will zoom in and out.

This is just the beginning of what this program will do. In future posts we will show some more advanced features. Enjoy.


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12 Great Apps for Maine Land Owners & Buyers

phoneWe like technology that enhances our experience in the outdoors and ownership of our Maine land. Land owners may find a use for these and other smart phone apps. The list below are a few of our favorites. Keep in mind technology is great when it works, but as always, don't forget your compass!

  1. What tree is that?   Arbor Day tree identification guide for i-phone cost is $4.99 with mixed reviews. According to the reviews if the tree has leaves it works great. If it is fall or winter with no leaves the app is useless.
  2. Audubon Guides Box Set, Birds, Mammals, Wildflowers & Trees Cost $14.99 and received great reviews. Some of negative reviews was if no cell service is available, large app size.
  3. MyNature Animal Tracks.   Cost $6.99 with mixed reviews. Identifieds tracks and scat of 48 species.
  4. Backyard Scat & Tracks. Free. Identifies tracks and scat of 15 species. Paid version "Scat & Tracks of North America has more species.
  5. Soil Web for the iPhone
  6. Google Earth
  7. MotionX-GPS
  8. MilGPS Tactical GPS Navigation and Map. Cost is $7.99.
  9. GPS Compass for Ranger. Cost $1.99 with great reviews.
  10. Measure Your Land. Free. Received good reviews. Measures objects and distances on the ground.
  11. MyRadar Weather Radar. Free. Received good reviews. App displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to see what weather is coming your way.
  12. Sunrise Sunset! By Brett Cato. Free app.